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The Scientific Method For Ghost Hunting


Observation  The client interview and testimony of the client that they have experienced phenomena at a certain location.  This includes the phone interview and in person interview at the alleged location.



Investigation  This includes the historical research, an objective on site investigation and data collection.



Hypothesis  Not necessarily positive or negative, but what could be the foundation of the observation. For example: “This could just be a legend that started from a campout at the location.” Or “The alleged activity could be from medication taken or from a health condition.”  Or “What’s going on could be from an incident that occurred at the location in the past.”



Elimination  This is the “debunking” stage. Take all information and evidence collected, review it and compare it to your hypothesis.  Keep an open mind and examine what evidence and testimony you have. Sort through testimony to see if it’s first hand knowledge or could it have originated somewhere else or are there issues that could eliminate possible ghosts? Can you eliminate possible natural causes? Could the observation have been misinterpreted? Has witnesses described the same experience or do they each view the experience in a different way? Can the actual evidence be disproved, could it have been fabricated or is it actual proof? Take all the data you have collected from beginning to end and with an open and objective mind, re-examine it individually and collectively.



Research  You’ve looked at all the data and evidence collected and have formed some idea of what might be going on.  Do more research to determine if there are any connections, what is the most likely explanation and what is the least likely explanation.



Conclusion  Have you completely debunked the observation or do you have evidence that can hold up to the highest scrutiny, that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the observations are true? Or in most cases, will the investigation be inconclusive without further evidence, and is a further investigation required?  This is where the final report is written and presented.