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Q:If my home is infested by a demon, can I beat it on my own?

A: Yes, you can, I would really start studying on spiritaul warfare and talking to some one who can guide and direct you.

Q:Can anyone do Deliverance or does it have to be done by a priest?

A:In truth, anyone can do deliverance although you must be well trained. In doing Deliverance, you are attacking the evil entity and you are therefore taking a major risk. If you do not know how to deal with demons, you can get yourself in big trouble by trying to do this. However, according to the Bible, anyone who is baptized and believes in Him (Jesus) has this ability. In Mark 16:17, Jesus states this about those who believe in Him. “All these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons: they will speak in new tongues. However, it is always wise to leave this to the people who are trained to do this. Demons are cunning and they are crafty. The person performing a Deliverance service is at risk for psychic attacks. Solemn Exorcisms should only be performed by a qualified Priest who has the approval of his Bishop. You can open yourself to a world of hurt if you try to perform an exorcism on your own.

Q:I thought there was only one devil?

A:Again, devil is merely a title. The figure always listed as the devil is Satan. He is the leader of the pack as he is strongest.

Q:What is the difference between demons and devils?

A:Basically, it is a matter of power and title. Devils are stronger than demons, and are smarter as well. As for the title, you have to look at angels; they are listed as archangels and angels. Demons and devils are technically angels. The devils would be the archangels.

Q:Can spirits or demons physically hurt or kill someone?

A:It is believed that inhuman spirits can hurt and even kill in extreme instances. However, it is incredibly rare for a demon or devil to kill someone as that will result in their destruction by God. They are capable of hurting people and animals. In most cases, injuries result not so much from the demons as much as from people fleeing from them. I have heard of a few cases where the demon itself caused an injury but again, that is the rarest of the rare. The fear they cause however could certainly cause problems with someone who has a heart condition or other health problems. The stress and fear of living in a demonically infested house will surely take a toll as well. That cannot be discounted. I will say that there are many cases on record where priests performing exorcisms have been severely injured by the person possessed. Of course, they are in direct battle with the demon, thus they are susceptible to attack. Most attacks, however, are mental. 

Q: Are Quija boards really dangerous?


A: The Ouija board itself is not dangerous. It is, after all, just a piece of cardboard with numbers and letters on it. The danger comes because when a person who tries to use a Ouija board to communicate with spirits he/she is opening up their free will leaving him vulnerable to possible malevolent spirit presences. Many people have been fooled by thinking they were communicating with a 'friendly' spirit. Once this so called nice spirit has a foothold, it turns on them. Demonic spirits will pretend to be someone’s deceased relative and once it has gained their trust it will start mixing in lies with the truth in order to cause confusion. Before long the demonic spirit shows its true colors and the person who has been communicating with it finds it much harder to get rid of than it was to bring in.


Q: What exactly are demons?


A: See What are Demons?

Q: Can a demon possess dolls and other objects?


A: No. Demons cannot possess inanimate objects such as dolls and statues, etc. but they    can attach themselves to a particular object. They may attach themselves to a doll and by manipulating the doll they gain recognition from a person. Once the person gives it recognition it unleashes itself upon them.


Often times an object in a demonic infested house will become so negatively charged that just by holding one of these items it is possible to provoke the original spirit to manifest. If one of these objects is destroyed, reciprocal harm could come upon the person or family who owned it. If destroying one of these negative objects doesn't result in physical harm, the spirit may instead return to the place from which it was exorcised.  These objects should be buried in sacred land, sunk to the bottom of a lake, or stored where nobody will find them.


Q: Can demons materialize as humans or animals?


A: Yes. Demons can ultimately materialize as Jesus Christ himself. However, there will always be something not quite right or missing. Maybe the eyes, arms, legs, head, etc. is missing, or it is disfigured in some way.

Q: If I am working a case and nothing is happening, should I try religious provocation?

A: NO!! If there were to be a demonic spirit present, you could unleash a terrible situation that you cannot control. Doing so puts everyone in danger. Only someone experienced should attempt provocation and that is done only in the worst cases. I only use religious provocation when I need proof so that a clergy member can perform an exorcism. Also, when you attempt provocation, if a demonic spirit is present it doesn't have to show itself to you right then and there. It might be two weeks later when you are at home nice and comfortable in your own bed when the demonic spirit decides to pay you a visit. It is extremely dangerous!

Q: What does deliverance mean?

A: Deliverance is the process of eliminating spirits or demons from a place or person by casting them out and binding them in the name of Jesus Christ. If a person is severely possessed, exorcism will be needed as opposed to deliverance.

In most investigation we can teach the client how to do self-deliverance Which is better than having some one else cast out the demon for you.

Q:Do you think some mentally ill people are possessed and vice-versa?

A:I believe that there are probably many cases where this is true. However, there is no way to know how often this is the case. One problem is the many of the symptoms are the same for both. In this day and age where people do not want to believe in anything spiritual, it is easy to label people as being mentally ill. What can decide the two are outward manifestations. (Items flying around by themselves.) If you think about it, if a person who has been diagnosed as being schizophrenic sees his doctor and tells him how his furniture moved around by itself the night before, I can almost guarantee you that the doctor will adjust his medication. Another thought: the mentally ill are the best targets for possession because no one will believe them anyway.

Q:My son, Johnny, who is twelve, has been acting very weird lately. Could he be possessed?

A:Well, the first question that come to mind is what exactly do you feel is "weird?" He is at the age where he is entering puberty and that causes massive hormonal changes, which can affect behavior. Another question that arises is whether he may be taking some form of drug. That too, will affect behavior. Is he hanging out with a bad crowd? In addition, is your son exhibiting behavior that should be looked at by a counselor? Could there be medical problems? These are all things that should be looked at before you even consider something like possession. Demonic possession is extremely rare and should be the last thing looked at since it is by far the most unlikely cause.

Q:Are conjuring books dangerous?

A:Yes, they are. When you dabble with those things, you have no idea what forces are at work. This is what we call a door opener and allows a demon to have legal right into your life. It is like playing with fire. There is a good chance that you will be burned.

Q:Can you really conjure a demon?

A:There are some credible stories out there. However, what makes people dangerous is that they believe they can and will thus do whatever they feel it takes to achieve their goal. That can involve sacrifices and the like. I will say this much, demons do not do our bidding for us. If they offer anything, there is a horrible price to be paid.