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·        RESPECT-  Respect yourself, Respect your team members, Respect the client, Respect the property, and last but far from least, Respect any entities that may reside at the location.


·        Scout it out – before the actual investigation, especially if outdoors, scout it out. Look for any type of hazards, check out your environment, the types of dangerous situations you could be going into is too numerous to list, from the neighborhood, to the insects.


·        Get Permission – No property is completely abandoned. Someone, some organization or government owns every property.  If you don’t have permission to be there, you are trespassing and could be fined or arrested. Never put yourself in the position of being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time.


·        No stealing or vandalism.


·        Never use any legal or illegal drugs while on an investigation or 48 hours prior to an investigation.


·        No smoking at or near the scene of the investigation.  The smoke interferes with the quality of photos.


·        Wear long hair pulled back if taking photos. This helps prevent false positive photos. Do not wear any perfumes or colognes in order to avoid confusion with scents that may be emitted by entities.


·        Never use any Ouija Boards or related oracles and never do any séances.  They do more harm than good, have no scientific basis for collecting objective evidence, and could end up leaving the location more haunted than it actually was when you arrived there.


·        Don’t Panic, keep your fear in check – what we investigate is the cause of fear in others. We have to rise above our fears, keep our fears in check.  If we aren’t able to rise above our fears and not panic, we shouldn’t be looking for ghost.


·        Communicate your emotions to team members.  Certain situations or entities can cause a number of emotions from anger to depression.  Always, always let other team members know how you are feeling.  It’s ok in these situations to wear your emotions on your sleeve, so to speak, especially when there is no cause for them, or the cause can’t be explained.  Negative feelings on an investigation should be taken seriously and not doubted. People’s emotions can directly affect the outcome of an investigation whether good or bad.


·        Plan ahead of time what you would do if faced with an undesirable or surprising situation.


·        Respect – treat everyone and everything with respect.  When in a client’s home do not laugh or joke about anyone or anything that you may witness.


·        Do not under no circumstances provoke an entity.  Negative remarks will bring a negative reaction towards you, or when you leave, towards the homeowners, making their matters worse than before we came. Which defeats our purpose in helping others.  This goes along with respect. Always try to keep a positive energy about you and keep an open and objective mind.


·        Keep a first aid kit handy and know where it is located before you actually may need it.


·        Take notes. Do not use a recorder to take notes. Write everything down.


·        Maintain Equipment - before an investigation make sure that all of your equipment is working properly and that you have extra batteries.  Clean and test your equipment routinely before every investigation.