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Ok, I'm not to sure what BLOGGIN is exactly, but from what I gather its just keeping folks updated on day to day things.  Not sure we can post 'blogs' everday, but I'll try my best..... (I'm Teresa, by the way, the one who keeps the website up and going, among alot of other things as you will see.)

Monday, June 17, 2013 @ 2:03 am -

Wow, i've been up for hours trying to get this website finished, or at least presentable! I've learned it won't ever be completely finished, especially when I have to 'BLOG', but that's ok. I still have a lot of work on here to do yet. Thank God I type pretty good at 2am. We took the kids out to eat at Burrito Brothers (wonderful place, i love it), picked up some Starbucks and when we came back it was starting to rain so Chad (my other half) and Joshua (my son) went and tarped over the hoop coops....don't want our little ladies catching cold!  And then of course, here I am, and I am going to call it a night? or morning?  So much for sleep.

Oh, be sure and stop by and sign our guest book if you're visiting. We love to hear your feedback and get to know you!  G-night!